🏆🏂 Let’s chat with Lucile Lefèvre, French professional snowboarder assisted by VELEC Systems on her race for the Winter Olympic Games

VELEC Systems supports Lucile in her journey towards the Olympic Games in Beijing 2022. Lucile shares with the teams her training and personal victories regularly via Whatsapp. We spoke with Lucile with whom we share the values of effort, excellence and the motto: Never Give Up!

Can you introduce yourself in 2 lines ?

My name is Lucile Lefevre, I’m a professional snowboarder. I participated in the 2018 Olympic Games, I am currently ranked sixth in the world, I love to do sports and travel.


To begin, tell us about your discipline. What pushed you to practice this sport at this high level ?

I do slopestyle snowboarding, it’s a sequence of jumps and slide bars where we have to do tricks. I also do Big Air, it’s a single jump where we have to do a trick.
They are judges who decide on the best performances and establish the ranking with a scoring system.
I started snowboarding at a very young age and I have always had a competitive spirit. Little by little I went from the French level to the international level and I love to surpass myself and progress to become the best.


Do you have a role model, a person who inspires you to build your sporting career ?

There are many people who inspire me, I love all sports, but if I had to name just one I would say Roger Federer. Beyond his exceptional career, I love his charisma and the way he plays tennis.


How do you deal with stress or adrenaline rush on big days ?

When I was young, I was immediately at ease with competition and stress. Later, when I arrived on the international circuit, it took me a few competitions to adapt and perform well on competition day.
Today to be able to surpass myself during the competitions I try to be in the moment to succeed in gathering relaxation, fluidity and mastery to reach perfection.


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What are the qualities required to perform on a snowboard?

To succeed in being performant you need a good representation of your body in space but also contrary to what we could imagine you need to control your fear and your body, this is what prevents us from injuring ourselves and allows us an optimal progression.

What is your most beautiful memory with sports?

My best memory should be the Olympic Games but unfortunately it was a disappointing edition in 2018. So I will take my first competition when I was six years old, I won it and I understood that this is what I wanted to do in my life.

A common point between you and Velec Systems?

Inventiveness, because in our sport each figure is unique and must be pretty.

Work, in order to perform and be among the best, you have to work.

Ingenuity, in my sport you have to find the right balance between quantity and quality to become the best without getting injured.


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