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Our promise: at Velec, every day will be a new adventure!

We are looking for bold people who are not afraid to shake things up and build industry 4.0.

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Our Teams are Actively Recruiting


Engineering/ Design Office

Create impactful technical solutions that make life easier for thousands of operators.


Marketing and Communication

Contribute to Velec’s reputation and boost lead generation for our various brands!


Supply Chain

Drive business success by maximising the profitability and productivity of our operations.



Develop our presence in our various local and international markets.


Accounting, Finance and Administration

Use your experience and expertise to contribute to the success and growth of the company.


Production and Maintenance

Build the machines of tomorrow and help our customers get the most out of our solutions.

What We Value


Optimism drives the progress of our teams and our solutions. We are convinced that there are ever simpler solutions to offer our clients. Our optimism drives us to see opportunities in every project, but also to cultivate the professional and personal development of our talents.

Team spirit

Team spirit is part of the Velec DNA. Where our differences strengthen us, our team spirit and sense of belonging unite us. Mutual support and cohesion are an integral part of our work. Velec would be nothing without its talents and its teams!


Caring is one of the fundamental pillars of Velec. Relationships within the company are based on listening, understanding and indulgence. Benevolence is present at all levels of the Velec group, in each subsidiary and each department. Empathy, mutual aid, encouragement and solidarity strengthen our team spirit.

A taste for challenge

Being part of Velec means having a taste for challenge, the desire to confront ideas, to challenge solutions to find together the one that will best meet the expectations of our clients. Our ambition helps us to exceed our objectives!


The development of the company and the group only serves the development of the men and women who make it up. In addition to the pride of belonging to a dynamic group, there is also the possibility of developing within the group and taking on various responsibilities.

Our Locations